15 Point Plan is a new podcast from the Win Make Give Podcast Network hosted by Ben Kinney, Jillene Snell and Chad Hyams

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Meet The Hosts

Jillene Snell

Jillene has spent two decades building real estate businesses while keeping health a top priority. With 10 years as a fitness instructor and strength trainer, she refined living a healthy lifestyle, one that does not include diets, fads, or extreme approaches. Jillene has competed in multiple Ragnar Races, half marathons and continues to push herself out of her comfort zone each year. Along with being a 15 Point Plan co-host, she would love for you to join her life-long journey in using the 15 Point Plan to increase and manage your energy. Energy for those long days, energy to be a parent, energy to live life as is possible—with no limits!

Chad Hyams

Chad Hyams, also known as the Voice of Reason, is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach that focuses on life maximization. He is known for telling it like it is with practical and easy-to-understand examples to assist his audiences and coaching clients to achieve dreams and desires they never believed possible. In his best-selling book, Achieve Your Apex, Chad shares lessons on maximizing your strengths, creating predictable results, and thriving in every facet of life. Along with being a 15 Point Plan co-host, you can hear his tips on health, wealth, leadership, and legacy on the Win Make Give podcast. When Chad is not challenging others to their maximum levels, he can be found challenging himself in the gym or with his wonderful wife.

Ben Kinney

Ben Kinney founded the Ben Kinney Training organization, which includes the Win Make Give Podcast Network and live events. He believes that one of the biggest secrets to success in life is to learn to focus on what you can control. Ben created the principles of the 15 Point Plan, and you will hear him make a special appearance on the podcast from time to time.

15 Point Plan Podcast