Listen to the 15 Point Plan as co-hosts Jacqueline Smith and Ryan Greigg break down Ben Kinney’s 15 Point Plan, empowering you to be healthier, happier, and more energized.

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Meet The Hosts

Jacqueline Smith

As a mom of four boys, a dedicated wife, a business owner, and a leader, Jacqueline Smith wears multiple hats. Her journey with the 15 Point Plan started simply to pull herself out of a rut. What began as a belief that this tool could help navigate challenging times evolved into a revelation that the plan is more than an escape route — it’s a compass for sustaining personal growth. With the plan as her guide and ally, she’s transcended from mere self-help to creating a holistic self-care system for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Driven to serve those in her world, she brings her energy, honesty, and experience to help others struggling to prioritize their health and well-being. 

Ryan Greigg

Ryan Greigg is relentlessly committed to health and wellness and has emerged as a fitness guru with a mission to transform lives. His journey began nearly a decade ago when he quickly gained a reputation for the innovative workout routines he shared online. Following countless Spartan races and events, his dedication only continued to grow, and today, he is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Beyond the weights and treadmills, Ryan is a dynamic individual who seamlessly blends his passion for fitness with his expertise in real estate. Specializing in residential and commercial properties, Ryan is relationship-focused and puts his keen understanding of market trends, negotiation skills, and wealth-building through real estate to work for his clients. 

In every facet of his life, Ryan is driven by a vision of balance – where physical health, mental well-being, and professional success coalesce. Whether transforming lives in the gym or with real estate, he always inspires others to pursue their version of a balanced and fulfilling life.

Ben Kinney

Ben Kinney founded the Ben Kinney Training organization, which includes the Win Make Give Podcast Network and live events. He believes that one of the biggest secrets to success in life is to learn to focus on what you can control. Ben created the principles of the 15 Point Plan, and you will hear him make a special appearance on the podcast from time to time.

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