15 Point Plan is a new podcast from the Win Make Give Podcast Network hosted by Ben Kinney, Jillene Snell and Chad Hyams

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Meet The Hosts

Jillene Snell

Jillene Snell has been a fitness instructor for over 10 years teaching a variety of classes. Jillene is a Body Pump certified instructor and a student of health and nutrition. She has competed in Ragnar races and marathons, all while balancing being a mother of two and a CEO of a major business.

Chad Hyams

Chad Hyams started the health journey by going in the wrong direction. He was overweight and out of shape until he met his future wife and health became a priority. From Orangetheory to H.E.W. to Crossfit, Chad embraces different training methods. Because of this, he wanted to learn more and became a certified Spartan Coach.

Ben Kinney

Ben Kinney founded the Ben Kinney Training organization, which includes the Win Make Give Podcast Network and live events. He believes that one of the biggest secrets to success in life is to learn to focus on what you can control. Ben created the principles of the 15 Point Plan, and you will hear him make a special appearance on the podcast from time to time.

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Stay tuned!

Stay tuned!