Lead Conversion Behind the Scenes

Welcome to “Lead Conversion Behind the Scenes” where your hosts Robbie T. and Valencia B. dive deep into what it takes to be successful in Lead Conversion. Robbie and Valencia will talk about the ups and downs of generating and converting leads into sales and share tips, tricks, and strategies for being successful.

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Meet The Hosts

Robby T.

Robby Trefethren is known as “Lead Geek”, as he has devoted the last 5+ years to mastering the lead conversion game. He shares his thoughts with his coaching clients and anyone willing to listen. Robby lives in Fargo, North Dakota with his amazing wife and three kids.

Contact Robbie at robbyt@hatchcoaching.com.

Valencia B.

Valencia started in Real Estate in January 2017. Prior to that she graduated with honors from Texas Tech University on a full scholarship for Track. Valencia started with the team as an administrative assistant, where she learned the buying & selling process, managed the customer experience, & wrote the team’s handbook of processes. Valencia has been running Inside Sales Departments for several years now where she gets her kicks from cultivating leads into relationships. Her nickname on the team is Mighty Mouse, as she is energetic, spunky, positive, & persistent. Valencia is also an incredibly hard worker.

Contact Valencia at valencia@yourdavisteam.com.

Lead Conversion Behind the Scenes


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