We live in a negative world. Each Tuesday, join professional speaker and author Clint Swindall as he shines a light on the good stuff in our lives. “Tell Me Somethin’ Good!”  engages your mind, encourages your heart, and enlightens your soul.

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Clint Swindall

I have been a professional speaker for two decades, and have spoken to thousands of people from the stage. It has been my dream to spread my Tell Me Somethin’ Good! message to the world, and a podcast gives me that opportunity.

Your support of this podcast will help us spread positivity to all who listen. If you can, subscribe to my show (or follow us on your favorite podcast listening app). Then, download every episode and help us grow!

I’d love to hear from you. If you want to share your “somethin’ good” or ask a question for me to address on the podcast, fill out the form below. Until the next episode, find the good in life today!

Tell Me Somethin’ Good! Podcast


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Tell Me Somethin’ Good!

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