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Wealth Series™ 2.0

Transform your financial health for free with the Wealth Series™ 2.0 from Win Make Give™! Join Ben Kinney, Bob Stewart, Chad Hyams, and expert guests for wealth-building tactics that are simple, universal, and proven to build your net worth, save for retirement, and invest like a pro.
This transformative content includes:
  • Seventeen lessons with actionable steps
  • Corresponding downloadable workbooks
  • Additional wealth-building tools and resources

Win Make Give’s Wealth Series™ 2.0 is geared toward helping people in any industry at any income level, and makes a great gift to share with everyone in your life.

Learn Practical Life Lessons About Wealth

Maximize your income

build your Net Worth

retirement planning

Map a financial path

Wealth via real estate

Legally pay less taxes

“I feel incredibly inspired after listening to the ‘Wealth Series 2.0!’ ”

I have wanted to work on generational wealth. I have overcome hardships, addiction, and homelessness and never really thought it would be in the cards for me. We are negotiating through the inspection period of our new family compound, a property with three dwellings and plenty of future income potential! Not to mention the instant equity due to the limited inventory in our area. There are so many possibilities, and we would never have taken this chance without WMG! My lack of assets inspired me to make the leap of faith. Sending positivity, good vibes, and prayers.


“I’m incredibly proud of my accomplishments since listening to the ‘Wealth Series 2.0.’ ”

To name a few:
1. I moved more money into a high-yield savings account.
2. I opened up a Vanguard S&P 500 account.
3. I cut back on some unnecessary subscriptions.
4. I calculated exactly what I need for retirement, which felt good, and now I’m setting up a consistent plan.


“After listening to ‘Wealth Series 2.0,’ my daughter asked me to help her buy her first house as 50/50 partners!

She is 18-years-old and a college freshman at Kansas State University studying to be an architect.

She plans to reinvest the profits every year into a new purchase, and by the time she is 22 or 23 years old, she should own four properties that are profiting $800 per month apiece. I wish I knew at her age what we are teaching her today!


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