RE:DEFINE with Erik Hatch

Most see the business and entrepreneurial beauty of today, yet Erik Hatch takes a look at the bumpy road they had to endure on the journey with the RE:DEFINE Podcast. Join Erik as he showcases some of the world’s most brilliant CEOs and rainmakers as they give us a peek behind the curtain at all the hard times that have led them to greatness. These entrepreneurs have redefined their futures by leaning into the hard stuff of life.

“RE:DEFINE with Erik Hatch” is an eliminator of excuses as he takes a look at how top business people have overcome some crazy difficulties to now find themselves at new summits.

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Meet The Host

Erik Hatch

Erik Hatch wears a number of hats:

Author: Erik’s written 2 books. His 2019 release of “Play For The Person Next To You” is a guide to servant leadership. His 2022 release (written with his partner Robby T) “The Perfect Real Estate Agent Blueprint” dives deep into the model that can change your career.

Team leader: Erik’s real estate team has sold over 6,500 homes in the last decade and knocked out 1,024 families served in 2021 alone. Hatch brokered by Real has been the #1 team in ND since 2012 and was ranked #35 in 2021 across the US.

Servant: Erik is wickedly passionate about leadership and philanthropy. He’s helped to build 2 non-profits as well as helped to raise funds regularly to fight human trafficking around the globe. Erik’s efforts have raised over 5 million dollars and have empowered countless other leaders to do more with what they have.

Coach: Erik has been recognized as a top 20 coach in the real estate industry. He coaches some of the top teams and is massively passionate about leadership. His partner Robby T is the top lead conversion coach in the country and also has created some incredible automation for lead follow up.

Family man: Erik is the husband of Emily, dad of Finley and Simon, and a child of God.

RE:DEFINE with Erik Hatch


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