Part One: Financial Health & Building Wealth

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NOTE FROM BEN KINNEY: Welcome to the Win Make Give Wealth Series! I’m so excited to welcome you to this 8 part series and am confident these next few weeks have the potential to change your financial future. In order to get the most out of this experience you will need to do a few simple steps:

1.  Listen to Part One: We are providing a variety of options for you to listen to Part One. Please select the best option for you and take the time to subscribe to whichever channel you select.

2.  Download and print the workbook: We will release an accompanying workbook as each part of the Wealth Series is released. The workbook includes an easy way to follow along with the lesson as well as financial exercises for you to complete. When appropriate you will also be given links to download spreadsheets and other tools.  Download Part One workbook here.

3.  Join the conversation: If you want to ask questions, join in on the conversation, or get help with any of the assignments, please join our Facebook community. If you do not have access to Facebook and have a concern or question, please reach out to us via email at

4.  $5,000 cash giveaway: Lastly, if you are interested in our $5,000 cash giveaway, please pay special attention to the workbook. You will be asked to answer one question from each lesson – we have taken the time to make it pretty obvious what that question will be. This is not meant to be difficult, just to ensure that all who enter the contest take the time to study each lesson.

Part One Overview

Start the Wealth Series with a powerful conversation about why we all need to make more money, our mindset around wealth and investing, and an introduction to Ben Kinney’s wealth building philosophy of “flipping the triangle”.

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: Goal of flipping the triangle is investing in assets that create _____ _____ .

(Answer each giveaway question correctly on a form after Part Eight is live in order to be entered to win up to $5,000 for your retirement or investments)

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