Part One: Financial Health & Building Wealth

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Welcome to the Win Make Give “Wealth Series 2.0!” I’m so excited to have you on this journey with me, and I’m confident that you’ll change your financial future by week eight. To get the most out of this experience, do these few simple steps:

1.  Listen to Part One: Go to your favorite listening app, subscribe, and listen to the latest session. You can find us on several channels (see links to the right).

2.  Download and print the workbook: Each lesson has a workbook available to download and complete along with each episode. Look for additional resource links for financial spreadsheets and tools inside every workbook.  Download Part One workbook here.

3.  Join the conversation: Got a question? Want to share an “aha” moment? Need help with an assignment? Comment in the Win Make Give Facebook group.. If you do not have access to Facebook and have a concern or question, contact us via email at

Part One Overview

Begin the “Wealth Series 2.0” with a thought-provoking conversation about the definition of wealth, why most people get stuck being an income earner, and the six steps to becoming a wealth builder. You’ll also learn what a wealth plan is and set powerful intentions to transform your financial health.

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