Part Five: Student of Wealth

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NOTE FROM BEN KINNEY: Congratulations, you’ve made it more than halfway through the Wealth Series! We’ve already covered financial health, the reality check, retirement planning and saving like crazy. Now it’s time for Part Five of the Wealth Series to find out how to become a student of wealth.

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To best understand how to make Part Five become a reality, make sure you:

  • Review parts 1-4 and complete all the workbooks.
  • Review the amount of money you will need to save for retirement.

This might be your favorite lesson. It’s mine, because this content changed my life. It helped me understand how easy it is over time to build real wealth. Understanding compound interest is the secret of the wealthy. Now it will become a tool for you to use to build massive wealth.

Part Five Overview

In part five of the Wealth Series you learn how to become a lifelong student of wealth. This episodes dives into the power of compounding interest and how to harness that power in order to save enough for retirement.

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: (Use our compound interest calculator) what is the value of $100 invested monthly with a 7% annual rate of return after 30 years?

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