Part Six: Increase Your Income

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Now that you’ve done the preparation and work to know where you need to be to reach your financial goals, we’re going to talk about how to increase your income.

Part Six of the Wealth Series will take you through ten ways you can create additional sources of income to create stability, security, and confidence in your financial future.

Have these documents in front of you to help move through the exercises in this lesson with ease:

  • A list of all your current sources of income.
  • Have a copy of your tax return from last year.

Building wealth is like a domino effect that often accumulates bit by bit over longer periods of time with diligent saving, reducing expenses, and finding new income sources.

Part Six Overview

In Part Six of the Wealth Series, Ben Kinney shares ten creative ways that you could increase and add sources of income right away (hint: it’s more than just asking your boss for a raise).

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: You can’t _____ your way out of a recession. You must increase your ___________ .

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