Part Seven: Pay Less Taxes

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Welcome to Part Seven of the Wealth Series! We recently covered how to increase your income. When you increase your income, sometimes that means you have to pay more taxes. Only a few pages of the tax code is about paying taxes, and the rest of it is about how to not pay taxes. Let’s take this time to talk about the pages that cover paying less taxes.

Have these documents in front of you to help move through the exercises in this lesson with ease:

  • If you’re a business owner, find & review your most recent business tax return. 
  • Find and review your most recent personal tax return.

In this lesson, we will walk through some legal ways we can reduce the amount of taxes we pay and learn about the incentives that most people miss.

Part Seven Overview

Ben Kinney interviews Tom Wheelwright, the nation’s leading tax expert and author of “Tax Free Wealth.” They discuss how to pay less taxes by knowing and understanding the rules of the tax codes.

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